I am a computer scientist, with knowledge on both programming (system, parallel, object, functional, logical, constraints, scientific programming) and computer science theory (algorithmics, computability and complexity, logics and semantics of programming languages, code verification).

I am a free software defender since I got my first computer in the first year of university.

Since March 2019, I am an independant computer science advisor in programming, in leading development projects, and in deploying free software solutions for companies, organisations, people, or anything else ;-)

In parallel, I have founded RevLibre, association loi de 1901, which aims to spread, educate and promote libre software and libre tools, hoping that tomorrow we will build a society that promotes collaboration, autonomy, decentralization, libre common tools, and fairness! In this context I help organize events, digital children after-school sessions, participate in conferences, etc.

Before that I was a research engineer at Inserm in the TAGC lab, in charge of computer science development and infrastructure of the Habermann team at the bioinformatics core facility BCF Calanques.

Before that I worked as a research engineer at INRA, in the proteomics platform PAPPSO, in the amazing ferme du Moulon. There, I developed a free software called MassChroQ, performing quantification of data coming from mass spectrometers.

Even before that, I worked for a private company, developing a MOM (Message-Oriented Middleware) software for the exchange of important data flows in different contexts.

Independantly of my working context (private company or research laboratory, biology, other science or computer science) what I like the most is learning, adapting myself and solving complex scientific and algorithmics problems, optimising my code, and collaborating with coworkers.

I am a defender of free software, (free as in "free speech", not only as in "free beer") and I value the collaborative, open way of working in free software development, the liberty and sharing in their use, that make them more reliable, secure and more efficient to use in a day to day basis in the long run. Try it, once you change your routine and are used to novelty, it will be nice.