I am a computer scientist, with knowledge on both programming (system, object, functional, parallel, logical, constraints, scientific, data analysis) and computer science theory (algorithmics, computability and complexity, compilation, logics and semantics of programming languages, code verification).

I am a free software & free culture advocate, and a digital freedom defender. Technology as it is shaped today, is harming our human rights and our climate, thus it is urgent to fight against its domination and imagine and create together a better future.

❤ I am a board member of l'April, a French organization promoting and defending free software.

❤ I am an active member of La Quadrature Du Net, a French organization fighting for fundamental digital rights. I am especially involved in the Technopolice campaign.

Since 2023 I began a PhD thesis in Sustainable ICT within the Limites Numériques research team. During this PhD, I will be working on digital obsolescence and in particular on software obsolescence. More information about my research should be updated regularly on my Works page.
Since 2019, I am also working as an independent in four areas:

Before that I worked for several years as a free software developer, DevOps and data scientist at several research French public institutes, while actively participating in digital rights and free software (french) movement.